Huracán GK Beanie


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  • ADJUSTABLE & COMFORTABLE: The cuffed Huracán GK beanie comes in all a one-size-fits-most design that can be adjusted to fit any soccer player or soccer fan, with comfort and coziness.
  • WARM: The Huracán GK beanie does it’s job to keep your head warm.  It’s hard to screw this up.  If it doesn’t work to keep your head warm, then you probably need a parka and snow shoes, also.
  • MATERIAL AND SIZE: These long cuffed Huracán GK beanies are made up of high quality material that is 100 percent Acrylic.  It’s comfortable.  It can stretch to fit most heads.  If it doesn’t fit yours, stop eating. 12 inches long.
  • DESIGN: Plain, Huracán GK beanies are designed to keep your head covered in a way that you don’t feel cold. Long enough to cover the ears. 

GK Glove Company

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