KEEPER BALM® – Goalkeeper Glove Conditioner


FREE, with every glove order.

The GK Glove Co. is the only goalkeeper glove seller to provide a FREE stick of KEEPER BALM®, with every glove order.

If you’re not using KEEPER BALM®, then you’re literally wasting money, purchasing gloves much more often than necessary, and NEVER getting the performance out of your gloves that they’re capable of. 

  • Tested on ALL BRANDS of goalkeeper gloves (Adidas, Nike, Puma, Uhlsport, West Coast, Aviata, Huracán, Reusch, Sells, Victoire, Storelli, Mitre, etc)
  • 50% Better Grip than new
  • Repels dirt, to keep your gloves looking great and performing like or BETTER THAN NEW
  • Restores Grip to older goalkeeper gloves
  • 100% effective in dry and wet conditions.
  • Infinitely longer life, than without conditioning (backed by research)
  • No messy liquids.
  • Apply once a week, to clean, dry gloves.

KEEPER BALM is a HIGHLY RESIDUAL goalkeeper glove conditioner that soaks into your gloves, to make them grip better than new even after washing them.  No need to apply game after game or even save after save.  Instead, apply KEEPER BALM once a week, on clean, dry gloves, a day or 2 before games and training.

 Better Grip, Longer Glove Life


GK Glove Company

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