The KEEPER BALM “Wrinkle Effect”

KEEPER BALM wrinkle-effect

The “wrinkle effect”: What’s more important: Grip or appearance? Good quality foam latex mimics human skin in many ways. It’s why it is used for goalkeeper gloves. Goalkeeper gloves are like a “2nd skin“, intended to protect your hands from high-velocity shots and hold onto the ball. Like your skin, high-quality foam latex is susceptible […]

What does REPLIQUE mean?

When you go to the sporting goods store, you will often see the term ‘réplique’ printed on the packaging of goalkeeper gloves or even on the glove itself.  Réplique is French for “replica“, meaning that the glove is actually a replica of a pro-level glove. Réplique gloves are not intended for game-play or even training.  They […]

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