What does REPLIQUE mean?

When you go to the sporting goods store, you will often see the term ‘réplique’ printed on the packaging of goalkeeper gloves or even on the glove itself.  Réplique is French for “replica“, meaning that the glove is actually a replica of a pro-level glove.

Réplique gloves are not intended for game-play or even training.  They are a gimmicks, to be worn by children who will not be playing in real soccer games.

We only sell pro-quality gloves.

At the GK Glove Co., we only sell match-quality gloves of professional quality materials.  We do not sell réplique/replica gloves. In fact, the only similarity between our gloves and the replica gloves you’ll find at the local sporting goods store is the PRICE.

We are a MANUFACTURER DIRECT company.  The brands are ours, made to our exacting specifications.

If your standards are high, and you demand great quality, you’ve come to the right place.  The fact that you’re saving money, is a bonus.

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adidas-replique goalkeeper gloves
adidas-replique goalkeeper gloves

Adidas Adult Ace Replique Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves


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