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  • KEEPER BALM, better grip for goalkeeper gloves
  • Fix goalkeeper glove grip
  • goalkeeper glove grip
  • Increase goalkeeper glove grip with KEEPER BALM
  • KEEPER BALM, Tested on all major brands of goalkeeper gloves
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30ml Stick

The GK Glove Co. is an authorized retailer of the original goalkeeper glove conditioner, KEEPER BALM®.

  • Tested on ALL BRANDS of goalkeeper gloves

  • 50% Better Grip than new

  • Repels dirt, to keep your gloves performing BETTER THAN NEW

  • Restores Grip to older goalkeeper gloves

  • 100% effective in dry and wet conditions.

  • Infinitely longer life, than without conditioning (backed by research)

  • Apply once a week, to clean, dry gloves.


WARNING:  KEEPER BALM® will change your game!

Are you conditioning your goalkeeper gloves? If you’re not using KEEPER BALM®, then you’re literally wasting money, purchasing gloves much more often than necessary, and NEVER getting the performance out of your gloves that they’re capable of. 

  • Applied to new goalie gloves, KEEPER BALM makes your gloves GRIP BETTER, LONGER, and keeps them performing better than new for years - GUARANTEED!

  • Repels dirt, to keep your gloves looking great and performing BETTER THAN NEW.

  • Applied to clean, dry goalkeeper gloves, KEEPER BALM restores tackiness to older goalkeeper gloves, as well.

  • Once applied, it’s 100% effective in dry and wet conditions.

KEEPER BALM is HIGHLY RESIDUAL, so you don’t need to apply it for every use.  However, if you apply to your gloves when they’re brand spanking new, then you may only need to apply it once every 3 or 4 games.

For best results, apply to clean, dry goalie gloves, 24 hours before use, to allow it to soak in. (This will make the gloves so grippy that you can play one hand catch with a soccer ball.) You can apply it to wet gloves, too – and it’ll help a lot – but it's more effective when applied to dry glovesBEFORE they get wet.

*To get the most out of your KEEPER BALM keeper stick, don't leave it out in extreme heat or extreme cold.  A good practice is just to keep it in your GK glove bag with your gloves.